50/50 Custody Schedules: Alternating Weeks Compared To A 2-2-3

There are quite a few diverse custody and visitation schedules out there and my aim is to assistance you find out all you can about your options. The alternating months and 2-2-3 schedules are options which fall underneath 50/50 joint actual physical custody. Both of those of these schedules have their professionals and disadvantages. The most significant thing for you to think about when selecting a plan is selecting the greatest a person for you, the other mother or father, and specifically your youngster.

Prerequisites for 50/50 joint actual physical custody:

50/50 joint bodily custody is a well known possibility in present-day court procedure. They want to see that you and the other dad or mum have the ability to make it work. Right here are a couple of points desired to make possibly of these schedules work:

-Parents will have to be in a position to get along and get the job done jointly for the gain of their baby

– Dad and mom need to have to are living in near proximity to each other and the kid’s faculty

-Each mother and father need to have to have a steady home ecosystem.

Alternating Weeks:

The alternating weeks program is quite straightforward and quick to implement. Your baby spends one week with you and one particular 7 days at the residence of the other mother or father.

The gains of this agenda is that your baby has a longer time period at each individual home which results in more of a feeling of belonging. They can simply adhere to their program and not have it interrupted to “adjust residences”. Some young children also discover this plan generates significantly less anxiety and pressure in their life.

The most significant downfall with this plan is producing sure your child is old enough and emotionally in a position to devote a whole week away from the other parent. To assist that weeks non-custodial father or mother and the boy or girl, some families will have a evening meal a person evening a week to stay connected.


The 2-2-3 routine is also incredibly very simple and uncomplicated to abide by. It is not as very simple as the alternating months just mainly because there are more exchanges. Your baby will expend two evenings with you, two nights with the other father or mother, and the three weekend nights back with you. The next week the timetable is switched with the other parent having your boy or girl the initial and very last of the 7 days.

The benefits of this timetable is your little one spends time with each father or mother every week. The plan is very simple once it receives going. Also the weekends rotate involving dad and mom not like some other schedules.

The biggest factor to think about with this schedule is will your youngster be ready to tackle all their duties whilst transforming properties numerous occasions a 7 days? Think about university, good friends, and more-curricular routines. It can be confusing for both equally the moms and dads and the kid to continue to be up on homework, tasks, and so on. except they are all fully commited to communicating often.


It is also vital to understand the custody agenda is only a small section of your parenting system. I extremely propose you definitely invest your time looking into how to make a parenting system and all the distinctive resources offered to assist you with these alterations in your existence. Fantastic luck!


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