HVAC – Is Drinking water Therapy Essential?

Drum-Kickers, Soap Salesmen…they have been termed several matters. Water Treatment method specialists (possibly the name they desire) are in all places. As a mechanical contractor, we have had a lot of knock on our door. With most huge business structures and industrial services in Memphis using drinking water cooling/heating mechanical products, this sector is highly aggressive, but is h2o therapy really required? In this version of Mechanical Matters® I am likely to answer that very problem and focus on various other important info about water remedy expert services.

In this version I want to reply 3 concerns relating to drinking water cure:

Particularly what is water treatment and is it important?

How does poor water treatment company impact mechanical devices?

Are there vitality discounts with h2o therapy?

1. Exactly what is water cure and is it needed?

H2o therapy describes a approach applied to make drinking water more satisfactory for a wanted stop-use. These can contain use as drinking h2o, industrial procedures, healthcare and many other employs.
The objective of all water treatment method approach is to clear away current elements in the h2o, improving upon it for subsequent utilization. (Wikipedia.org)

In the mechanical market h2o therapy is a system utilized to improve most h2o-based mechanical and industrial processes, these as: heating, cooling, processing, cleansing, and rinsing, so that operating fees and risks are lessened.

Most h2o cure applications include things like water softeners, inhibitors and other chemical substances wanted to ‘treat’ the h2o in get to attain the preferred problems for mechanical use and warmth transfer. Products and solutions used to sustain right water disorders are frequently fed automatically by complex devices right into a chiller or boiler’s drinking water. Water is utilised for each cooling and heating in large industrial developing programs. In most industrial environments h2o is made use of for cooling manufacturing equipment or an component to generating a merchandise. How the water is utilised will establish what sort of therapy is needed.

Most drinking water treatment firms use take a look at kits and chemical dispensing techniques which have built the use of water therapy chemical substances in chiller, boiler and cooling-tower methods much simpler. But awareness to particulars, these kinds of as how typically programs are tested, is essential to method general performance. The proper water therapy chemistry at the appropriate time is terribly vital since even small difficulties can develop important costs.

Past 7 days I sat down to breakfast with Gary Reynolds and Bob Schubert of Garratt Callahan. They are h2o therapy ‘specialists’. Gary and I have worked collectively with various mutual consumers. Their notice to depth, buyer service and huge information of water treatment is why several buildings in the Mid-South are in very good fingers with Garratt Callahan. In our meeting they supplied me with some great facts about the worth of h2o cure, the results of very poor support and factors to appear for in selecting a service provider

2. How does bad or no service influence mechanical equipment?

Inappropriate H2o Treatment method or no cure at all will raise your power use and running price though lowering your mechanical equipment’s efficiencies and lifetime expectancy. A well designed and implemented drinking water treatment method application is highly vital to the operation of any steam boiler, centrifugal chiller and cooling tower. All three of the methods shown beneath use drinking water for cooling and heating.

Very poor water procedure lets water interact with the surfaces of pipes and vessels which contain it. Steam boilers can scale up or corrode, and these deposits will indicate a lot more gas is essential to warmth the similar amount of h2o. Cooling towers can scale up and corrode, but left untreated, the warm, soiled drinking water they can include will motivate bacteria to improve, and Legionnaires’ Disease can be the lethal consequence. The condenser tubes in just a chiller and other drinking water cooling gear can also scale up and corrode consequently protecting against excellent heat transfer. Increased energy usage and weak cooling functionality is prevalent final result in inefficient water treatment method.

Drinking water procedure can frequently be classified as ‘low-tech’ and unglamorous. Having said that, the appropriate chemicals, proper chemical feed products, and a committed provider supplier is critical to your mechanical devices and ought to be ‘treated’ with prime precedence.

3. Are there vitality discounts with drinking water treatment method?

Therapy Worth: Skilled h2o treatment can cut your drinking water, vitality, and servicing costs considerably. Most likely most vital of all, it can help you save you the cost of fixing or replacing products that’s been harmed by insufficient h2o treatment method – such as the downtime and lost income typically linked with solving these issues.

The illustrations of drinking water treatment ROI (Return of Investment decision) proven down below present how very slender levels of deposited materials from inadequately dealt with h2o can push up electricity expenditures.


Technique: 1,000 ton chiller

Operation: 12 several hours/day, 365 days/calendar year

Price tag of electricity: $.10/kWh

Scale thickness: 1/32 inch

Elimination of 1/32 inch of scale saved $15,018 for every year.

Biological Fouling

Technique: 1,000 ton chiller

Procedure: 12 hours/day, 365 times/year

Price tag of electricity: $.10/kWh

Bio-film thickness: 1/1000 inch

Elimination of 1/1000 inch of bio-movie saved $26,834 for each year.

“As minimal as 3/16-inch of scale can result in a boiler program to use 38 per cent far more gas. The most minuscule amount of dissolved oxygen in the drinking water also usually means a technique could be headed for corrosion troubles. And even a slim layer of bacterial slime in chiller tubes can considerably impact heat-transfer efficiency.”

Wrap Up:

As mechanical contractors we are no strangers to the relevance of water procedure. Having said that, just after exploring and writing this post I can assure you that I am a great deal additional informed about the requirement and benefit to owning a good drinking water treatment method method.

In this edition Mechanical Matters®, I talked over three essential information about chemical water cure. Initial we discovered the definition of h2o procedure and its use in the mechanical market. Next, we discovered that drinking water treatment method is unquestionably essential, and with no it your mechanical devices will experience. Last we realized how suitable water remedy will conserve energy, and eventually raise your bottom line.


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