The Mafia Has Competitiveness, It really is Good to Be Vital (2 Poems)

The Mafia Has Opposition

There appear to be a good deal of things that definitely
are pretty worthless…
Ranks and titles, corporate heads,
and processed food which is juice-much less.
Laptop games, lengthy bogus nails, devices
to do your math…
Deodorants and fatal sprays
so you never have to have a tub.
Equipment to serve your each want
and just take you for a walk…
Gears and wheels to provide you drinks
with voices now that discuss:
No extended do you will need to create
or even imagine or spell…
Why these machines will fry for you
Even though you reside in hell:
If you have money plenty of to spend on all
these really keen units…
Why… you will have more time to know
the most shameful of vices!
No will need to dread the result
or wrath of justice courtroom…
Given that you can have a attorney,
your goodness to exhort!

The Mafia has competitiveness
in each wake of existence…
Government and organization lords
now wield the hit man’s knife!
For syndicates proliferate
in church buildings and in schools…
And greed, hypocrisy and electric power
replace the Golden Rule.
They’re definitely pretty common,
and computerized to boot…
Their strategies are most beguiling,
so charming they are sweet!
So packaged perfectly in fancy wrap,
the general public does applaud…
As “tremendous citizens” earn a prize
for which they have lied or clawed.

Right before I stop to capture my breath,
the record now looks rather infinite…
I would greater convey my poem to conclusion
or I shall conclude up friendless!
I only mean to stage the way
to values much less than harmful…
To enjoy and reside a simple existence
and a single that’s clean up and useful.
I am laughing on the outside the house
as I write and poke in entertaining…
But I hope that you will end to imagine
and once once more be one.
A single vivid and energetic human being,
a distinctive and nutritious becoming…
Capable of perform that is very good,
with eyes true intended for viewing!
A heart that feels when someone’s damage,
and hands to aid a good friend…
Then you can change this poem for me,
and give it a hopeful stop.

It is Wonderful to Be Vital

It can be great to be critical
but additional vital to be nice.
In truth… I find it wearisome
to hear your title twice.
It matters not the issues you have
or that you have to assess.
We all action really considerably the exact same
to pull on underwear.
I am not amazed by dollar indicators
or chilly deceitful methods,
And somewhat look for the enterprise
of nicer folks these times.
Folks who know what adore is,
genuine treatment, and honesty…
With values accurate and wholesome,
self-regard… integrity.
Not swallowed up in unappealing masks,
no for a longer time seriously actual.
I a lot desire a pleasant soul
with friendship for enchantment.

It’s wonderful to be essential
although I cannot picture why.
I desire to search instantly
into anyone else’s eyes.
Straight throughout a amount line…
no false dichotomy…
the accurate male, what he actually is…
that is what I want to see.
And if he is seriously critical,
he’ll truly feel and do what’s correct…
And be a darn great fella
in other awesome folks’ sight.


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